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  •  Best Financial Investment with Realistic Payback​

A commercial solar project pays for itself in as little as 5 - 6 years.  All systems are guaranteed for 25 years.  That means years of energy independence for your business.  ​

  • Rising Utility Rates? -Worry Free!

Solar can help reduce or eliminate your ongoing energy cost on your monthly electric bill and improve your time-of-use tariffs during peak consumption usage.  Liberty Electric is currently offering sizable incentives for residential and commercial solar projects. ​

  • Take Advantage of the Federal Tax Credit

Approximately 65% of solar project cost can be covered between local utility incentives, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and 6-year accelerated depreciation.

  • Dependable, Low Maintenance and 25+ Year Energy Resource

Your solar system will work hassle and headache free. All you have to do is reap the benefits that come with it. Furthermore the system adds to your bottom line by reducing your energy expenses and improving your property value​

  • Solar Shows Stewardship of Resources

Solar systems demonstrate corporate leadership and conservation of natural resources to protect the environment​ 


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Connecting You to Solar Power!

We are Power Sync Solar

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As a locally owned business based out of Joplin, MO, we have happy customers because services is our #1 priority.  We are a full-service energy company for both residential and commercial solar and handle your project from start to finish.  And we'll be there after the install too.  

Our desire to help communities was born out of a passion to educate and offer the benefits of a natural energy source that will enrich people's lives now and for future generations.

At Power Sync Solar, we take pride in reducing ongoing high energy costs, offsetting carbon footprint and transforming the energy source of the world through the most cost effective solar panel systems.


What to expect when installing solar...

We check that solar would work on your property and you are eligible

We design a system with optimal output that meets your criteria

Our team completes permitting and necessary preparatory work

Our professional installers complete the install

You enjoy clean energy and monthly savings!

Financing Programs

Through partnering with these financial programs, solar panels are accessible to more people.  A fixed monthly payment that never increases provides a lot of peace of mind.  We also are open to finding your own financing!

Questions about going solar???

For inquiries, questions, or a home energy analysis please fill out the form below and we will contact you within a few hours!

Powersync Solar, LLC

Joplin Missouri

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Connecting You To 

 Solar Power!

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