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Residential Solar


Solar panels benefit residential homes by harnessing renewable energy from the sun, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, cutting electricity bills significantly, and often qualifying for government incentives. Additionally, they increase property value and promote energy independence, making them a practical and eco-friendly investment for homeowners.

Agricultural Solar

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Discover the synergy between agriculture and solar energy on our page dedicated to the fruitful union of sustainable practices. Explore how integrating solar panels into agricultural landscapes not only harnesses the power of the sun for clean energy but also offers a multitude of benefits. From maximizing land use efficiency to providing shade for crops, reducing water evaporation, and promoting biodiversity, the marriage of agriculture and solar power cultivates a brighter, greener future for both our planet and our harvests

Commercial Solar

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We are a company dedicated to client satisfaction. We create individualized systems that will meet the energy needs of each business owner, taking care of everything start to finish. We understand that each client is different and we offer financing options so you can get immediate savings, upon your system being turned on. 

Why Power Sync Solar?



From the moment we make contact with one another, we are here for you. We dive deep into your needs, concerns, and questions; to craft a specialized plan for your home and family.



We keep a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers to find the best quality products for the best price. We intentionally eliminate overhead costs and dump those savings back into your pocket!

Solar suntracker


We're so confident in our product that offering our customers the longest warranty possible is simply obvious. That's why we provide warranties of up to 25 years!


What our clients say
Dan Martin
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​We had a great experience with the Power Sync team.
Early discussions were focused on what made the most sense economically and they didn’t attempt to oversell systems/technology that didn’t fit our situation.
The installation went great, the team installed the system in a timely manner and were very conscientious, obviously taking pride in the quality of their work.
They coordinated all the necessary paperwork with our electrical provider and the owner of the company came out personally for the “system commissioning” with our electric provider representative.
We’ve had the system for a little over a year and its performance has matched/exceeded the projections for every month. We’ve had no issues requiring any service during our first year.
We will readily use Power Sync for any future solar projects/expansion and would recommend them to others.

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