Power Sync Solar is a full service solar energy integrator, dedicated to  delivering the very best in engineering, products and installations for both residential and commercial solar.  Our team is comprised of  an engineer, licensed master electrician and professional installers.  We are committed to strengthening communities by providing  affordable, sustainable, and clean energy.  Our desire to help communities was born out of a passion to educate and offer the benefits of a natural energy source.  This will enrich peoples lives now as well as future generations.  

At Power Sync Solar, we take pride in reducing ongoing high energy costs, offsetting carbon footprint and transforming the energy source of the world through the most cost effective solar panel systems.



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Powersync Solar, LLC

Joplin Missouri

Serving the Four-State Area


Tel: (417) 262-6500 


Connecting You To Solar Power!

System Analysis

We use data from a one-year electric cycle to determine your energy needs.  Precise measurements are used to develop systems 

that satisfy your energy consumption.  

System Designs

Solar arrays are designed based on available roof space, shading, and energy analysis data.

At PowerSync, we design systems which will reduce or eliminate your electric bill. All designs will be in compliance with local codes and will be aesthetically pleasing.   

System Performance

 Systems are designed to perform at their maximum capacity to earn bigger savings. State-of-the-art simulation tools and monitoring software ensures proper energy outcome and satisfying results. 



  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station
  • Energy Conservation
  • LED Lighting Retrofits
  • Energy Storage analysis and system installation

Financing Programs

Through partnering with these financial programs, solar panels are accessible to more people.  A fixed monthly payment that never increases provides a lot of peace of mind.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Questions about going solar? 


For any inquiries, questions, site assessment or home energy analysis please fill out the form below and we will contact you within a few hours.

Powersync Solar, LLC

Joplin Missouri

Serving the Four State Area


Tel: (417) 262-6500 


Connecting You To Solar Power!

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