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Here at Power Sync Solar we offer a wide variety of products for both residential and commercial customers. Learn more about the different types of systems we offer and decide which energy solution is best for you and you energy needs!

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Residential Products

We offer a variety of products to our residential customers. Learn what ways you can customize your own solar panel array to mee your needs and preferences!

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Commercial Products

We recognize that now two businesses are the same. Our company offers solar solutions that will meet the energy needs of your business and increase your return on the investment of energy production.

Residential Products

Grid-Tied System

A grid tied system means your solar array is producing most of your daily energy consumption- but you are still connected to your local utility company. On cloudy days when your panels aren't exposed to the sun as long or at night when the sun goes down and your solar panel aren't producing energy, your home pulls any extra energy from the utility company so you always have power. 

Hybrid System

A hybrid system is a unique solar system that combines aspects of both a grid-tied system and an off-grid system. When you chose to have a hybrid system for your home we design a system that meets your daily energy needs. It will also produce a little extra to start charging a battery to store extra energy for occasions like power outages from storm or utility maintenance. Because you're still connected to the utility company you can chose to use energy from your battery or pull electricity from the utility company when you need a little extra power.

Off-Grid System

An off-grid system is a solar array that is completely self-sustaining. Choosing to go off-grid means you are no longer connected to a utility company. We'll design a system that will cover your daily energy needs per day and more. Your off-grid system will need a battery that will store enough energy for the night  time hours and those cloudy days- to give you access to power for any situation.

DIY Packages

Power Sync Solar is now offering residential DIY Packages for customers that want to install it themselves! We offer three different system sizes to chose from all fully equipped with the components needed to install your solar on the roof!

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3 kW Roof
Mount System


7 kW Roof
Mount System


14.22 kW Roof
Mount System


Here are a few ways to Make Your System Your Own!

Choose your system type:

  • grid-tied system

  • hybrid system

  • off-grid system

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Choose your Solar Panels from our wide selection:

  • Mission

  • Trina

  • Jinko

  • Canadian Solar 

  • Silfab

  • JA Solar

Choose your system location:

  • roof-mount

  • ground mount

  • pergola

  • suntracker 

Choose your Inverter Brand:

  • Enphase

  • SolarEdge

  • SolArk

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Commercial Products

Let us do the work!

Our experienced design team will create the best system for your energy needs and your unique commercial needs

Here are just a few things we consider when creating your ideal solar array for your business:

Location of System Array

  • Roof Mount

  • Ground Mount

Panel Color

  • Black Frame

  • Silver Frame


  • With Battery

  • Without Battery

For more information contact us at
417 - 317 - 4277

Email us at

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