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Solar in Agriculture 

Integrating solar panels into agricultural landscapes not only harnesses the power of the sun for clean energy, but also offers a multitude of benefits. From maximizing land use efficiency to providing shade for cattle and promoting biodiversity, the marriage of agriculture and solar power cultivates a brighter, greener future for both our planet and our harvests. Solar energy production is becoming increasingly accessible to rural business'. Here at Power Sync Solar we are always staying on top of recent trends and changes in the solar industry and economy to be able to provide you with the best service and information to cultivate a good experience in switching to solar. We are a company dedicated to client satisfaction by creating individualized systems that will meet the energy needs of each business owner. We understand that going solar is an investment and we want to make solar available to the larger and smaller rural business'. We see you! Here is a quick rundown of several benefits of going solar for your rural business: 


  • Depreciation

  • Tax incentives

  • 3-7 year payback period (for both grant and non-grant awardees

  • Utility Rebates

  • REAP Grant

    • dependent on business size 

REAP Grant

What is the REAP Grant?

How do you benefit from it?

The REAP Grant is a commercial grant that covers up to 50% of the system cost. In order to be a possible grant awardee, you must meet this criteria: ​

  • be a for profit rural business

  • agricultural business 

How do you apply?

Get in touch with us and we will ask about your needs and how we can better serve your business

Once we have utility bills from the past three years we will begin designing an ideal design for your specific energy output and we will get in touch with our grant writer who will write the grant for your company and we will get that submitted to be processed and reviewed!


Take a quick look at some of our agricultural jobs!

We would love to get in touch and better know your story and see how we can brighten your agricultural business with solar energy! Contact us for a quick discussion and quote!

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