We are a company dedicated to client satisfaction. We create individualized systems that will meet the energy needs of each home owner, taking care of everything start to finish. We understand that each client is different and we offer financing options so you can get immediate savings, upon your system being turned on. 

Arial view of a marina in Rogers, Arkansas


Rogers, AR


We love helping businesses!

We installed a 106 panel system right on top of this Marina! The owners will have saved an incredible $300,000 over the life of the system. That's over 3x their initial investment! They will never have to pay for energy again!

System Size: 43.2 kW

Payback Period: 5 Years!

Lifetime Savings: $312,909


Sarcoxie, MO


Our amazing team of installation technicians put together this massive 375-panel project to power an RV park. We used a combination of ground and roof mounts to build a system that will produce 222,000 kWh any given year! Here at Power Sync Solar, we cater to any size business and love a challenge!

System Size: 150 kW

An arial view of a ground mount system for an RV park in Sarcoxie, Missouri.
A roof mount solar panel system for a storage site.


Joplin, MO


A large portion of some businesses' overhead costs come from their energy bills. This is the case for a lot of warehouses or storage facilities. Even a small system can help you reduce costs and put those savings towards expanding your business.

System Size: 5.1 kW

Agriculture powers our economy.  More and more, solar powers agriculture.

-Mark Isbell, Arkansas Rice Farmer