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We are a company dedicated to client satisfaction. We create individualized systems that will meet the energy needs of each business owner, taking care of everything start to finish. We understand that each client is different and we offer financing options so you can get immediate savings, upon your system being turned on. 


Providing energy to the many campers, the on-site laundry room, and arcade room, along with the rest of the park’s office facilities was challenging but attainable.  After   the  26% tax credit (at the time) was received, the 9% rebate (which is no longer available) from their local utility provider, and depreciation savings, the park owner had more than half of his total system cost paid for. This system pictured is a hybrid system, which means it is connected to the utility company but it has backup batteries to keep things powered until the grid restored power.

A roof mount solar panel system for a storage site.


Joplin, MO


A large portion of some businesses' overhead costs come from their energy bills. This is the case for a lot of warehouses or storage facilities. Even a small system can help you reduce costs and put those savings towards expanding your business.

System Size: 5.1 kW


Prairie Creek Marina, located on Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas, is home to the many boats of the residents of the Rogers, Arkansas area. The owners of the marina reached out to us to do solar for their business about a year after we installed solar for their home. The switch to this grid-tied solar system has allowed the owner to not only be energy independent but also provide energy in a sustainable way. 


Due to the great experience the owner of Freeman Liquidators had with solar on his other businesses, it was an easy decision for him to pull the trigger to add this grid-tied system to his liquidation business. This array size is a great example of a medium-sized business being less energy dependent. It also shows that solar can work for your three-phase system.  


Carl’s Sales & Service Inc. is a tractor supply store that provides necessary parts for regular tractor maintenance that wouldn’t be readily available at a typical auto store. This is the second business the owner has chosen to put solar on. They reached out to Power Sync Solar earlier this year about putting solar are their first business. This is  a three-phase system that is grid-tied that dramatically decreases the usual utility expenses this owner has to deal with on a monthly basis. This project did include the REAP Grant- which covered a large portion of the overall costs of this project for the owner. After this system was up and running the owner gave us a call to let us know that their local utility company let them know they always enjoyed testing our systems and approving them because they are non-problematic and they’re quality systems that do not need re-done again and again. The owner also stated that Power Sync Solar “not only had good sales people, but they have good technicians as well”. 

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