• Best Financial Investment with Realistic Payback.

  • Rising Utility Rates? - Worry Free!

  • Take Advantage of Tax Investment Credit

  • Dependable, Low Maintenance and 25+ Year Energy Resource

  • Solar Increases Property Value


Approximately 65% of solar project cost can be covered between local utility incentives, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and 6-year accelerated depreciation.

Your solar system will work hassle and headache free. Money rains on the roof every day just by sunlight. All you have to do is reap the benefits that come with it. Furthermore the system adds to your bottom line by reducing your energy expenses and improving your property value

A commercial solar project pays for itself in as little as 5 - 6 years.  All systems are guaranteed for 25 years.  That means years of energy independence for your business.  

Solar systems determines corporate leadership and dependability in natural resources to protect the environment

Solar can help reduce or eliminates your ongoing energy cost on your monthly electric bill and improve your time-of-use tariffs during peak consumption usage. Empire Electric District is currently offering sizable incentives for residential and commercial solar projects.

Design property of Power Sync Solar, 2020 

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