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Off Grid Systems

Going off grid is a very common question we get asked. Making that switch to be energy independent is something we encourage everyone to do but it might not always be in everyone's budget. When introducing the idea of going off grid we like to present to our clients all the pros and cons when going off grid and to make it as affordable as possible! 

The project that you'll see to the right goes in to depth of all the details and steps involved in becoming energy independent. 

Project Name

For this project below, we had a client reach out to us for batteries. This DIYer already had all his panels up to produce the correct amount of energy to be off grid. The only thing left he needed was place to store all of his energy. Once he got into contact with us we were able find exactly what he was looking for. Once we were able to find the batteries this client was looking for, we installed them and made all the necessary connections needed to merge the technology of the panels and the batteries to work in unison. 

Project Name

Our main priority is customer service. 

Project Name

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