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Solar panels benefit residential homes by harnessing renewable energy from the sun, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, cutting electricity bills significantly, and often qualifying for government incentives. Additionally, they increase property value and promote energy independence, making them a practical and eco-friendly investment for homeowners.


Joplin, MO

This homeowner came to us ready to put solar on their home. They wanted to work with a local solar company but most other solar companies had gone out of business. So we were excited to work with them. We were also able to meet some of their needs concerning the "look of solar panels" with the all black panels that blended in with the roof of their garage.

System Size: 20kW


Joplin, MO

When the owners of this home came to us, they were paying a fixed monthly payment of $200 on their electricity bill. We were able to finance their system for $0 down and a monthly payment of $141. 

Pre-Solar: $200 per month. 

Post-Solar: $141 per month!


System Size: 11.9 kW


Duquesne, MO

This customer is a 86-year-old-woman who was concerned she wouldn't benefit from the long-term savings. Through the 26% ITC, local utility rebate, and utilizing an optimal design - she was able to get instant savings! She takes comfort in knowing she made a smart financial decision while reducing emissions for future generations.

System Size: 10.9 kW

Utility Rebate: $2,725

Federal Investment Tax Credit: $6,22


We understand everyone has different preferences for their system placement. For this reason we offer a variety of mounting options to our residential clients.


Granby, MO

For some people, putting an array on their roof isn't the best option. This can come from shading or obstructions. Or maybe you just love the look of shingles - no problem!​

We are experts at installing ground mounts. Often this is the most efficient way to capture sunlight. 

System Size: 17 kW

Federal Investment Tax Credit: $11,271

Lifetime Savings: $44,363

A ground mount solar array for a residential home


Neosho, MO

Not everyone has the space to put a solar system on their property. Carports are a great way to create that space, while giving your vehicle a place to shelter.

The best part is that the entire structure cost was included in the 26% ITC!  Which means you can improve your home with a carport and solar panels for a fraction of what it might have cost you.


For this project, the customer had no more viable roof space so the homeowner asked us to construct a small pergola which would hold the added panels. Imagine lowering your monthly energy costs and while enjoying a new shaded area in your back yard! 

Ask us how you can get up to 26% off a brand new pergola. 

A storage room for batteries.


Harrison, AR

We removed outdated batteries for this customer and installed twenty, 5.12kWh batteries for a total of 102.4kWh in storage capacity! They were able to go off grid and now fully live off solar energy!

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