Arial view of a marina in Rogers, Arkansas

Rogers, AR


We love helping businesses!

We installed a 106 panel system right on top of this Marina! The owners will have saved an incredible $300,000 over the life of the system. That's over 3x their initial investment! They will never have to pay for energy again!

System Size: 43.2 kW

Payback Period: 5 Years!

Lifetime Savings: $312,909

RV Park

Sarcoxie, MO


Our amazing team of installation technicians put together this massive 375-panel project to power an RV park. We used a combination of ground and roof mounts to build a system that will produce 222,000 kWh any given year! Here at Power Sync Solar, we cater to any size business and love a challenge!

System Size: 150 kW

An arial view of a ground mount system for an RV park in Sarcoxie, Missouri.

Storage Facility

Joplin, MO


A large portion of some businesses' overhead costs come from their energy bills. This is the case for a lot of warehouses or storage facilities. Even a small system can help you reduce costs and put those savings towards expanding your business.

System Size: 5.1 kW

Agriculture powers our economy.  More and more, solar powers agriculture.

-Mark Isbell, Arkansas Rice Farmer 

A roof mount solar panel system for a storage site.